How does the Powerhouse Protection work?

Information about the Boom & Bucket Powerhouse Protection program.

The Basics (plain language)

  • A transparent & fair marketplace: Our goal at Boom & Bucket is to create the industry’s most trusted used equipment marketplace. We invest considerable resources into creating a listing experience that most accurately represents the equipment being sold. 
  • We inspect all of our equipment as described in our Terms of Service and provide the evaluation results, photos, and videos on each individual listing available to our customers. When we can, we’ll also include additional resources like maintenance history, NMVTIS vehicle reports, and oil analysis. 
  • We collect as much information about the equipment as we can, and we make it all available to our buyers. It is impossible to evaluate every detail of a machine, but at a minimum we evaluate the core functionality of any machine.  
  • If there are issues or disputes with the condition of the Unit you purchased, or it differs from the inspection report, photos, videos, or maintenance records, we ask you to bring the issue to our attention as quickly as possible, so that Boom & Bucket can find the most effective solution for all parties. 
  • In the event of any conflict between this policy and federal, state, and local laws, such laws shall supersede these policies where applicable.

Terms of the Plan (the legal stuff)

Terms not defined here have the meaning defined in our Terms of Service.

1. Boom & Bucket Powerhouse Protection. Boom & Bucket will investigate and respond to eligible claims that a Unit purchased through us differs from the inspection report, photos, videos, or maintenance records we provided to the Buyer or is otherwise defective (a “Defect”). If, in our sole discretion, we identify a Defect that is eligible under this Guarantee, we may (1) reimburse the Buyer for eligible maintenance or (2) cancel the sale, returning the Unit to the Seller and facilitating a refund from the Seller to the Buyer. 

2. Eligibility for the Plan. For the Buyer to be eligible for any remedy based on the condition of the Unit, each of the following criteria must be met:

    1. The Defect was not disclosed to the Buyer in the inspection report, vehicle history report (if applicable), or otherwise by the Seller or Boom & Bucket. 
    2. The Defect must be a single mechanical defect with a repair cost in excess of $500. The cost of the repair is determined by Boom & Bucket based on wholesale dealer cost and labor rates at the time of repair. 
    3. The Defect must not be included in the list of items in this policy that are not eligible for the guarantee.
    4. The Defect relates to a component of the Unit that is essential for the Unit’s core functionality. 
    5. The Buyer is in compliance with the Terms of Service.

    3. Submitting a Claim. A Buyer may report a Defect to Boom & Bucket by emailing

  1. 4. Timing. The Buyer will have 48 hours from delivery of the vehicle/machine (the “Claim Window”) to identify and report any and all items or discrepancies to be reviewed by the quality control team at Boom & Bucket. This 48-hour window begins at:
    1. The time of pickup at the Seller’s location, if the Buyer elects to arrange for transportation of the equipment, or          
    2. The time of delivery at the Buyer’s location, if the Buyer elects to have delivery of the equipment completed with a Boom & Bucket preferred vendor.      

     Please note that, for on-highway vehicles where the Buyer elects for drive-away service or conducts this service themselves, the Buyer may not submit a claim after the vehicle leaves the Seller’s location.

5. Investigation. To fully investigate a claim and determine the appropriate resolution, Boom & Bucket may require Buyers to provide evidence of the Defect and assist in diagnosis within a specified timeframe. This may include:     
    1. Providing photographic or video evidence of the Defect within the Claim Window.     
    2. Taking the Unit to a third-party diagnosing facility designated or approved by Boom & Bucket.     
    3. Providing written evidence of the Defect by an authorized mechanic or dealership and      corresponding work order documentation.     
    6. Exclusions
    1. A Unit is not eligible for any remedy under this guarantee if the Defect is related to any of the following:
      1. Non-factory add-on parts and modified equipment, which are sold “As-Is.”
      2. Equipment making noises or demonstrating conditions that are inherent or typical to a particular model or manufacturer, unless deemed “excessive” by the diagnosing dealership on non-warranty items. OEM dealer warranty guidelines will be used to determine whether the condition is excessive.
      3. Wearable items, regardless of repair cost. Wearable items include (but are not limited to) tires, wipers, brake pads, shoes, rotors, belts, lines and hoses, seals and gaskets, lubricants/fluids, spark plugs and wires, ignition coils, timing belts, bulbs, filters, shocks and struts, suspension, exhaust and standard transmission clutches.
      4. Head-gasket leaks, unless they are causing an internal engine leak in which oil and/or coolant are leaking into the combustion chamber, resulting in consumption of oil and/or coolant that is burned and realized by smoke exiting the exhaust tailpipe, or intermix of oil and coolant. External head gasket leaks resulting in visible seepage on the outside of the engine block and head are not eligible.
      5. Defects based solely on Electronic Vehicle History Data (EVHD). Examples of EVHD include, NMVTIS, etc. Boom & Bucket only verifies reporting. However, Boom & Bucket may investigate EVHD based on information found in NMVTIS for information that may impact claims.
      6. The hour meter reading increasing by 300 or more hours over the hours indicated on the Boom & Bucket platform at the time of purchase. For on-highway vehicles registered with a state department of motor vehicles, the odometer reading showing an increase in average miles per month compared to the average miles per month calculated based on the miles and vehicle age indicated on the Boom & Bucket platform at the time of purchase. 
      7. Any component or part of the equipment about which a disclosure was made prior to purchase.
      8. Hours or mileage issues in equipment that are ten years old or older and/or deemed exempt from odometer and title disclosure laws. 
      9. Vehicle accessory electrical defects on equipment four or more model years old.
      10. Leaks of any kind on equipment that is 25 or more years old.
      11. Rear main seal oil leaks on equipment ten or more years old or equipment with 100,000 miles or more.
      12. Damage of any kind that occurred after the equipment was picked up from the Seller. When shipping is conducted with a Boom & Bucket preferred shipping provider, items are insured and Certificates of Insurance (COI) are made available upon Buyer’s request.
      13. Items or Defects that have previously been eligible for and processed through the Powerhouse Protection Plan and paid for by Boom & Bucket.  
    2. As a professional used equipment buyer, you can expect that the equipment you buy on Boom & Bucket may have some imperfections and may need any or all of the following services to get them into retail-ready condition. Although we may not disclose all of these items in the condition report, it should be considered normal and reasonable for any wholesale auction purchase, and therefore, these issues are not eligible under this guarantee.
      1. Interior and exterior cleaning and detailing to remove dirt, dust, grime, stains, smells, pet hair, gum, and food residue.
      2. Wet-sanding and buffing to remove surface level scratches and blemishes on the exterior body and paint.
      3. Addressing seepage that is not considered an active dripping leak.
      4. Reconditioning or replacement of fogged or hazed headlights, fog lights, or tail lamps.
      5. Repair of any aftermarket accessories.
      6. Removal of decals, bumper stickers, vehicle wraps, and window tint, and any subsequent paint damage that could occur from this process.
      7. Repair of power seat functions including lumbar, heated and ventilated, memory, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel and steering wheel controls, power mirrors including defrost, and extending functions.
      8. Repair, programing, or replacing a better on keys that are a combination key and fob. Only one key that starts and unlocks the vehicle manually may be provided. Any duplicates will need to be made by the Buyer.
      9. Repair of wear and tear on headlights, window glass, and paint including minor scratches, moisture behind the headlight lens, and paint chips.
    3. Issues that can be remedied by utilizing existing manufacturer or aftermarket warranty, or a shipping COI need to be resolved through that process.
    4. Boom & Bucket works with third-party auction providers to sell equipment. Equipment sold through these channels and not directly on are not eligible under this guarantee. 
    5. Some equipment listed by Boom & Bucket is not inspected before listing. Listed equipment for which Boom & Bucket does not provide an associated inspection report is not eligible under this guarantee.