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What are my options with Transportation & Logistics?

Shipping with Boom & Bucket, picking up yourself, or working with a third party?

Our team is more than happy to help coordinate shipping and logistics for any equipment that you buy through us. Our team works with a number of different licensed and insured heavy haul transportation companies and we can get you a competitive quote as part of your purchase. We never mark up the cost of transportation - the price we quote you is the price that gets paid to the transport company.

Is my shipment insured? 

We carefully choose our professional service partners to ensure that our customers get the best quality service. If you choose to book shipping through a Boom & Bucket preferred shipper, insurance is included with that service. 

Shipments with Boom & Bucket are covered for purchase amounts in line with industry standard (usually over $200,000).  For instances where the purchase price of the machine exceeds this amount, our partners can provide additional coverage needed based on the cost of the equipment.  

Need a copy of the Certificate of Insurance (COI)?  Just call our Customer Success team, (888) 417-3477. 

How long before I get my machine? 

Boom & Bucket is committed to closing deals quickly once an invoice is paid.  As soon we have recieved funds, we'll begin coordinating pickup.  It usually takes less than 48 hours for your machinery to be picked up, then it's just driving time to your location! 

I want to pickup my purchase myself

That works too! Boom & Bucket will ensure you have all the required paperwork and help coordinate a time and Point of Contact (POC) at the pickup location. 

Please note we cannot guarantee that site POCs can assist in loading equipment, buyers must ensure they have the required equipment & help necessary for loading. 

Be sure to check that insurance & road permits required are in order prior to picking up machinery yourself. 

Can I arrange for my own 3rd Party logistics? 

Of course.  As with self-pickup your shipping partners will need the capability to load & secure the machine themselves, carry required insurance, and obtain the necessary permits required by state and local law.  

As with any purchase, Boom & Bucket will ensure you have the necessary paperwork for pickup and aid with connecting the right points of contact.